Started : 2019-12-02

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Your investment partner and we will ensure the maximum profit to each of them and keep the risk level of their investments as low as we can. So don't miss your chance to find the own path to financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long has MagicNights been operating?

MagicNights platform became available for the general public in the beginning of December 2019.


Who can create an account on MagicNights?

Anyone that is of legal age under the laws of the country of residence.


What payment methods do MagicNights work with?

Deposits are made using Bitcoin.
Other methods, including Payeer, planned to be added during 2020.


How soon will my deposit be added to my account?

Adding a deposit is automatic and will appear in your account in few minutes as soon as the Blockchain confirms the transaction. We receive this question quite a lot, so note that the deposit can take about 30min to appear in your account. If after 1 hour your deposit is still missing go to support page and send us a message.


Can I create several deposits at once?

Yes. You can have several active deposits.


Can I make a deposit directly from my account balance?

Yes you can. Just select the reinvest method during the make of the deposit.


What are the limits for pay-outs?

Members can make withdrawal requests anytime they want, as long as the amount is at least $3.


How long does it take for the withdrawals to complete?

Maximum time of 3 days to process withdrawal requests. Usualy you receive the funds faster.