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Your investment partner and we will ensure the maximum profit to each of them and keep the risk level of their investments as low as we can. So don't miss your chance to find the own path to financial freedom.

About Us

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

*** IMPORTANT: read risk disclosure at the bottom of this page ***

Dear investor, join us for a coffee, let’s have a little talk

All of us make for a living. After all we as citizens have our rights and duties. Many of us enjoy life, we want to provide the best for our families, we want the best quality of life for us and for ours, and not forgetting the retirement which we want to come as earlier as possible. A quality present and a hassle-free future is what we seek.
That is where our savings come into play. MagicNights helps you to build your savings effortless by making you money while you sleep.

Welcome to MagicNights

A company that provides outstanding investment services. Since 2019.
Dear investor, we invite you to explore our platform. Know us better. Know our investment offers and how they can change your life.

Start making money while you sleep.

Let your money work for you

Let MagicNights manage your money by employing fast and efficient strategies. No special knowledge required by the investor. Simply make a deposit and see your money working for you.

Our relationship is always mutual

The company profits from the deposits of the investors, investors get their share of the profits.


Our features in a glance

INVESTING - Set the path to your goals

Choose the strategy that better suits you:

- Periodic income for lifetime

- Big lump sum at maturity

In all plans the duration is in calendar days, so you get profit on working days and weekends.

In all plans there is no deposit return. The profit you will get includes the deposit.
Instant deposits through e-Wallets and cryptocurrencies**.

*We receive this subject quite a lot in our support, so note that for cryptocurrencies, it can take a while (up to 30min) for the deposit to appear in your account because the transaction has to be confirmed by the Blockchain. If after 1 hour your deposit is still missing go to support page and send us a message.

*Currently deposits are made using Bitcoin only. Other methods, including Payeer, are planned to be added during 2020.

PAY-OUTs - Requests available 24/7

Instant “one-click” pay-outs 24/7.

It is guaranteed a maximum time of 3 days to process the withdrawal request.

General rule you receive your pay-out in the same day of the request, weekends included.

SECURITY - Your money is in safe hands

Our company is formed by an experienced team that takes things seriously.
Our platform has strong security measures.

SUPPORT - Feel free to send us a message

We are always here to assist you. Support is open everyday.

The company

MagicNights is a registered investment company based in the United Kingdom, registration number 10339820. Our company consists of highly motivated and experienced professionals in many areas of financial activity. It was created for the purpose of providing its members with the safest and most secure investment, with the best possible and achievable returns at minimum risk. There are no unrealistic promises presented here, just steady and consistent results.

MagicNights welcomes anyone that pursue a way to boost the growth of their savings by providing investment services that set apart from the traditional banking offer.








Risk Disclosure

Every investment has some kind of risk. As a company that offers investment services we don't want to miss the opportunity to encourage our investors to always follow the best practices regarding investments.
Dear investors, always keep this in mind: a good investor makes well informed decisions. Greedy and the hunt to become rich overnight are the investor’s number one enemy.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.